Some Examples

Google is a company that provides lots of different services and products. Most of these are free to use as a consumer.

But as a business, you would need to bring together different services and products and get them all working together for your business needs.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Did you know that you could combine Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Form and your Website together to engage your customers more effectively?
    Ask me about Chipmunk
  • Did you know that you could combine Google Form, Google Doc and Gmail for Automating processes within your own organisation?
    Ask me about Pigeon

WordPress is a platform used worldwide for creating websites. If you want a website to be designed, developed and maintained for you, then ask me!

I have been in the Software Development field since 1985. So in case you want to develop bespoke software for your business, then please ask me.

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