Historically ‘Divide and Rule’ built Empires, so why ‘Unify’?

Well, here is my answer to that question:

  1. First of all; all empires have fallen long ago!
  2. Secondly the tactic was to divide the enemy, not yourself!
  3. Thirdly we learn from history and don’t repeat mistakes! We want to be part of the present and future. Past can not be changed – but you can change your present and likely future.
Woman frustrated with non-working technology, about to hit computer with a hammer

Coming back to present day; here are five things you need for a business:

  1. Domain Name and Website to attract more business
  2. Email to communicate with colleagues, clients, collaborators and associates
  3. Calendar to keep track of schedules
  4. Documents to record
  5. Information Technology (IT) devices, smartphones, pads

You can get almost all of these for FREE from various different sources – but then when you need a bit more from any of these you end up paying lot more. Hope you noticed that I did stress the word ‘almost’ there.

But what is worse, you find that these five things take up so much of your time, effort and energy because you end up interacting with different provider for each.

Resulting in you getting annoyed by each of them.  You will almost certainly find that each of them points a finger at the other when things go wrong.

Why does this happen?

Because you are trying to handle them separately from one another.

Simple solution is to unify them.

To know how to do that, I present you multiple choices:

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