Old G+ Video Blog Shares

Video Blogs (Old)

The following are some old video blogs. They are presented here because:

  1. They are a historic record
  2. The lessons are still relevant
  3. Mrs. Corinna Shepherd who was part of these is no longer with us. May her soul Rest In Peace.

These are Google Plus Posts. Some of them have Time Stamps which allow you to jump to that point in the YouTube video by simply clicking on the numbers.

First Video Blog

Second Video Blog

26 Aug 2013

4 Oct 2013

25 Oct 2013

1 Nov 2013

8 Nov 2013

15 Nov 2013

22 Nov 2013

29 Nov 2013

6 Dec 2013

13 Dec 2013

How Has Been

Year Ahead For

10 Jan 2014

Vivek’s Birthday 2014

Video Blog With
David F Leopold

Why YouTube
Live Events?

How To Create
YouTube Live Event

How To Promote

21 Feb 2014

7 Mar 2014

RunSHOa On
Google Store

Last HOA
with Corinna

This is How To Create
Banners for use in HOA

This is How We
Blue (White) Box In HOA

This is Why We
Embeded G+ Posts

This is How We Used To
Embed G+ Posts